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Dane McClung

Dane McClung

Southeast Regional Sales Manager


My career started in the paper industry out of college, where I worked initially for a large distributor in the southeast, briefly for a large commercial printer, then as a papermill mill territory sales manager.  I spent a total of 17 years in the paper industry.

I was lured into the “wonderful world of resinous flooring” by a friend, and started working in the industry with a company called Complete Floorcare Solutions, out of Tampa, FL.  During my time with CFCS, I met a local industrial resinous floor contractor, Marty Boll of National Engineering, whom I utilized and sub-contracted many projects with. In time I realized I was really intrigued and loved the challenges associated with the commercial/industrial side of the resinous flooring industry.  It took about four years of constant asking and hounding, however I finally agreed to join Marty’s team.  I learned a lot, experienced a ton, and thoroughly enjoyed working for National Engineering, but when VersaFlex/Milamar/Raven came knocking on my door, the opportunity was too great to pass on.  I realized early on that the “values” of VersaFlex/Milamar/Raven, encompassed my own, where ‘the customer comes first’ and the quality of the products and flooring solutions are second to none.

I know at VersaFlex/Milamar/Raven, we are only scratching the surface. We are in the infancy of building a company that thrives on incredible products, unmatched customer service, intelligent and honest problem solving in the coatings industry, driven at its’ heart by its’ people.  We strive daily to be a “trusted, valuable resource” to all our customers and to anyone in need of our expertise.  Our customers are not just clients, but partners, whose opinions are valued. I love working with each one of them.