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Robyn Sheehy

Robyn Sheehy

Marketing Director

Fresh out of college I started my career in concrete construction with the Patent Construction Division within Fortune 1000 company, Harsco.  I worked in audit and accounting management.

The difference between accounting and marketing is that accountants monitor, report and analyze the financial results of the company, whereas marketing can positively impact and direct the financial course of the company.  Through increasing involvement in enterprise software implementations in the 1990’s, I leveraged my accounting experience to evangelize for software and hardware companies who were marketing to accountants.  I designed and executed growth marketing campaigns for top technology companies such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Oracle, Salesforce.com, and many more.

I happily returned to my concrete roots when I joined Milamar in mid-2017 to direct its marketing efforts.  One of our core areas of focus is to generate demand for our Master Applicators, and I am excited to join Angel Llanes and Eileen Henquinet in working directly with our MAPs to grow their businesses.

My career has been fueled by curiosity.  I love to explore, ask questions, and analyze ideas from every angle.  I look forward to working with each MAP to open doors of opportunity in their areas of expertise.